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Shiny Vert

PoGo Only Pack

PoGo Only Pack

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In each POGO ONLY PACK you will receive 3 Authentic Pokémon TCG Cards from the Pokemon Go set in the following format:

1st card slot is guaranteed a card from the following rarity:

Full Art Trainer | Full Art Rainbow Rare | Full Art V | V | Full Art VMAX | VStar

2nd card slot is a 1/20 chance at a radiant card (This slot will be filled with a holo if not radiant)

3rd card slot will be a guaranteed holo

Holos can include Dittos! Peeled or unpeeled!

(Absolutely NO Duplicates!)

(Please note, no cards shown in pictures are guaranteed in your purchase! They are possibilities!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mustafa Kolya

great packaging, almost double the value if not more, great youtuber in general


These mystery packs were great to open up. Didn’t get anything huge but got some more rare cards to add to my collection. Will buy more packs in the future and try my luck again.


Amazing! Quick! Worth It! I bought the Halloween pack and it comes with one random Pokémon pin, two Halloween packs, one random Pokémon coin, one random Pokémon TCG V or higher, and two Shiny Vert Stickers!! I got a Gold card!! Cheap prices and amazing product never disappoints!! Thank you Shiny Vert We love your content and passion for the community!!!

Kevin Geronimo



Very nice packaging and product. I plan to buy more!

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